Orbx FTX NOR Released!

FSX/P3D. With all these releases going on I hope many of you saved a bit of money for the very long awaited release of Orbx' most detailed dedicated FTX region to date: Norway! Norway indeed and all we need now is more airports and airfields in the region. Sadly Tore Stranden's Narvik isn't released yet... yet... Is this mic working?? Tore? You out there? Check check 1.2. Anyhoo, like always, i'll be all over the live stream and displaying the 3rd party airport compatibility plus taking requests from the viewers. Stay tuned for the live stream, purchase via the source link below! 

Due to a recent massive upgrade in internet speed, new connection equipment is required which is on immediate order. Until it arrives, all live broadcasts are postponed. I expect to have things back up and running on Tuesday. Apologies folks.