CRJ: "The beta testing is going pretty good..."

FSX/P3D. That stated earlier today by Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft in regards to the Digital Aviation CRJ project. I would really like to get my panties in a bunch here with all this beta talk, but as we recall this exact time last year, the project was stated to be in a final beta of sorts with a February 2014 projection release time frame. Another year later, and things are seemingly starting to look promising again. For a product in beta, it's still a bit disappointing that we are not seeing more previews for a 5+ year product development (In comparison to the AXE project and it's development updates as an example) Nevertheless, fingers crossed that we are finally down to the last few weeks. All that said, the recent VC previews posted today do look pretty damn good. More via the source link below.