NLS A380 Update:

FSX. Many of you have been asking and no previews. But here is what the team had to say today: "Hey folks! Long time no hear!  To make it short: Q: Why are there no news updates?
A: Because there is nothing new to show basically - apart from program code  what we have shown so far should be enough for an impression. Q: Why did it take so long to post an update?
A: Because we are working lots of hours in the film/animation department ( Next Level GFX ) which doesn't leave much time for the A380 right now. Like I said, that's the main job and source of financial income, so these jobs have to be prioritized. I know you guys are eagerly waiting for updates, but I cannot help it, sorry. Bills have to be paid. Q: Is the A380 project still alive?
A: It is unless you hear anything different from an official side Q: When will it be released?
A: Be sure that as soon as we know an answer to that, you will be the first to know!"

Well, there you go... Thanks to ADX reader Zack Kerr for the tipoff.