Alabeo Really Showing Off The F1 GTN!

FSX/P3D. The only downside I can see to all this is the complaints you all will have when other aircraft developers don't follow suit. To what am I referring? Flight1's new GTN series GPS systems are becoming quite popular and they are the greatest thing since the demise of RXP. To be able to have full VC intergration with our favorite aircraft is supercool and it looks like the Carenado & Alabeo guys are on the right track. For current owners of the F1 GTN, Alabeo will be releasing a free option for the system to be implemented in the upcoming Saratoga TC. The team is showing off a bunch more previews so be sure to check out the entire set via the source like below! Quick sidebar, the ADX review of the Flight1 GTN is currently in progress!