More Previews From KDM Torp!

FSX/P3D. With FlyTampa Copenhagen finally among us, we now have 3 out of 4 of the major Nordic airports finally available with just Arlanda lagging behind. Thus quite naturally, the next step is to get the smaller regional airports complete and as far as Norway is concerned, they are all on the way. Among the new development teams 2014 introduced, one notable newcomer is KDM Scenery Design as first introduced to the FS community by ADX several months ago. In the beginning, the team showed some pretty promising talent but based on the latest set of screenshots, there is no doubt this is not a pretty talented team. This is an extremely talented team. A smart move for all scenery developers these days is to ensure full compatibility with FTX Global and KDM has ensured a seamless insertion of Torp. New preview screens are available, be sure to check out the rest via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Eric Lund for the tipoff.