Orbx Cityscape Comes To EU!

FSX/P3D. Look out FranceVFR, Orbx is taking over Europe and they are here to stay. Now there is no doubt we are all waiting for the Cityscape San Francisco to be released to coincide with FlightBeam's new KSFO project in development and whereas news on that project has been very quiet, it appears the team has moved in ahead with Nice Cote d'Azur and Monaco getting the first treatments. As we all know, this is FranceVFR's stomping ground and whereas I had always hoped there could have been collaboration between Orbx and FranceVFR it looks like Orbx is pressing ahead with manifest destiny. Hopefully this will be compatible with Aerosoft's old Monaco scenery which is still quite good. So my only question here is, will we be seeing many more European cities getting this Cityscape treatment? Because if so, i am all in! Thanks to ADX reader Bradley Aaron Thomas for the tipoff! So what do y'all think??