GSX v1.9 Released!

FSX/P3D. The snow is coming and GSX has your aircraft covered... in.. that... deicing stuff... Here is what you got in yesterday's update: De-icers added, will be selectable before Pushback if OAT < 4°C, The Airplane configuration editor has support for Deicers path points, to allow precise following of the wing surface for any airplane, Added a Straight Pushback option, Boarding/Deboarding passenger voices improved, with much better sound variety, 3 New Pushback trucks models: A/S 32A-31A, TLD TMX-400, TPX-200-S, All Pushback trucks now have multiple liveries, Custom Pushback Nodes added in the Airport Customization page, Airport range, to fix issues with very small airports (helipads, seaplane bases) inside larger ones, Wingwalkers shows their company logo on their jacket, New operators added: GAT, Acciona, 2Serve, Aerdorica, Oman Air. Some operator logos have been redesigned in better quality, Better support for Leonardo SH Maddog!-