Aerosoft / DA Bombardier CRJ: Breathe Carefully!

FSX/P3D. Just going to quote Mathijs Kok's post this morning: "For your information.... serious beta testing will start on Monday as all major work has been completed. From now on it's tweaking, additional software, manuals etc. Does not mean release is imminent but it does mean there is light at the end of a very long tunnel!" Well I hope that light is burning on Christmas! Could we get it this year??? Could it really be?? Well, we were supposedly close back in Feb as announced in December of last year. So I wouldn't go off holding my breath just yet. But Mathijs' statement is promising and only lacks actual visual previews which I must assume are on the way. Right? We will stand by waiting on that light... Thanks to ADX reader Nils Schloemp for the tipoff!