ADX Exclusive: Taxi2Gate Chek Lap Kok!

FSX/P3D. Don't say I didn't tell 'ya so but as I previously stated on both on here and in a few of the ADX live streams, that Taxi2Gate would strike again and deliver Hong Kong before the end of the year. Not only was my prophesying correct, but to prove it, the team has sent over a few exclusive preview shots! So when will it be available? Well let's just say this, T2G's Hong Kong will arrive long before Santa does! And in case you forget, Seattle is also on the list among others for 2015. I don't think anyone will disagree, Taxi2Gate has been having an incredible year and this is one way to surely close out 2014 with a BANG! Ready? Check out the previews via our Exclusives page! Enjoy! 

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