Norway. The Next FTX Adventure!

FSX/P3D. Now I am not sure if I should be connecting these dot's or not but I am going to stretch and do it anyway. Here we go: could the fact that previews of Orbx' FTX NOR are popping up at this particular time of year mean it could finally be available in the coming weeks? I'm thinkin yeah. And if so, whoppeeee for all of us that have been waiting ever so patiently for this to get released. But the even bigger question is (at least to me) will Narvik be ready when NOR is released? And the even bigger question: when will we get Bodo? And the even, even bigger question: what other airports may Orbx plan for the region? Well, if there is no answer to any of those questions, worry not. Jo Erlend is serving up plenty to hold us over. For the latest sereenshots, by the boys John and Iain in FSX and P3Dv2, click the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Todd Harrell for the tipoff!