What's Majestic Up To?


FSX/P3D. I'm not being funny. Could you imagine the damage Majestic Simulations could do to your cardio vascular system if they choose to develop the CRJ? I think a few of you might wind up in the hospital. So perhaps it's best they are not. Because that is just far too much blood pressure they would create. Their Bombardier Q400 pilot edition is not even the most extensive version, yet, on day one of release, it instantly became the one of the very best aircraft ever developed in the history of flight simulation. Even the 747/777/737/A320 pilots with no interest in prop flying fell in love with it. So it's hard to imagine it could get any better. Or is it? Majestic has big plans for the Q400 Pro version and lest anyone thinks they have not been busy... well... you'd be wrong. The team has posted some preview updates this morning so check them out. Anyone think Santa will arrive in the pro on your roof? I really don't know. But would be awesome in they managed to get it out before years end...

Majestic's Simeon Responds To ADX Readers: "While it would be really great for for a end of year release, unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to hit that mark. Still quite a bit to put under the hood of the logic, as we want to ensure (as best as possible) that everything ties in seamlessly as it ought to.

As we progress I'll keep every one update via the Facebook page....stay tuned..."