Xtreme Prototypes Announces The X-15A-2 SE!

FSX/P3D. So glad to see these guys still hangin around. It's been quite a while after their last release. The team has announced they are developing the X-15A-2 Special Edition which will come equipped with a fully native P3Dv2 version. The addon contains eight variations of the X-15A-2 with external propellant tanks and the mighty XLR-99 rocket engine with three fictitious variations of a delta wing X-15A-2 with rocket engine nozzles and solid rocket boosters, based on proposed configurations for future X-15 aircraft. The three highly detailed exterior models feature more than 1,900 parts and 100 animations. Three fully functional 3D virtual cockpits contain over 1,500 parts and 300 animated custom gauges and systems. A custom X-15 flight model was designed to reproduce the characteristics of rocket-powered high speed and high altitude flights in the simulator. This addon will allow you to fly at altitudes of over 300,000 feet at more than four times the speed of sound (or the maximum speed that can be attained in the simulator) and to simulate almost every step and procedure required in a typical X-15 research mission and will take you as close as you can get to flying the world's fastest aircraft! For more info, tap the source below! Thanks to ADX reader Sean Karges for the tipoff!