Orbx Palm Springs Released!

FSX/P3D. As a native Californian, (whatever passes for native here anyway) I am super excited for Palm Springs. I remember back in the early 90's we almost moved there. I remember a brand new housing community was being developed and in Californian housing communities, you don't buy the house in these communities if you are the first owner. You see the prefab models and usually there is between 3 and 5 options, you choose your floorplan and external facade, then go out and pick a preset plot of land in a neighborhood of brand new roads and nothing else but sand. You then purchase your plot and in a year, you come back to a brand new home! My dad was planning to purchase a 3,000 sqft 5 bedroom 3 story house with a 3 car garage, pool & spa for about 300,000. The same in LA will run you at least 5 million. Back then, he had a very high paying job with Hughes Aircraft. But sadly, Hughes was coming to an end and we never did move there. Besides, I just couldn't imagine him doing that drive to El Segundo every day. No joke! Nevertheless, he did eventually get that house, but in Riverside instead. Since that first trip, I was always fond of Palm Springs and as I said, I am super excited. The point of this story? Uh... Oh yeah, Jarrad posted up a bunch of new shots so be sure to go check them out! Source link! 

ADX Update: Released!