Big Plans For Airline2Sim In 2015!

[FS Utilities] Quick show of hands, who has heard Captain Bill Hagan? Ringing a bell? How about the incident surrounding British Airways Flight 2069 back in 2000? Yes that's right! The Bill Hagan is joining the crew at Airline2Sim as our trainer for the upcoming Aerosoft A320 family Cadet course. On that fateful above mentioned flight, Bill saved over 400 lives while in command of a 747-400 from London to Nairobi when he wrestled with a crazed passenger who had invaded the flight deck, and got a hold of the controls after being woken from the crew rest by the wild oscillations of the aircraft. Long story short, Bill entered the flight deck to find the passenger's fighting for control with the First Officer as the aircraft lost over ten thousand feet in altitude, entered a stall twice and almost went inverted till Bill got in there handled handled business. Oh yeah. 

Bill will not be showing us how to kick someone's ass up and down the flightdeck so much as he will be focusing on how the A320 family is operated on high-frequency European routes, including demonstrations of ILS, VOR, RNAV and visual approaches at a variety of interesting and challenging destinations such as Nice Cote D'Azur, Salzburg, Geneva, Glasgow, Jersey, and Belfast with realistic scenarios and ATC communication. There will also be an in-sim recreation of the Nairobi 747-400 incident, with Bill explaining how close that particular flight came to being one of the worst passenger aircraft accidents in history. This is going to be an amazing training course that all AXE pilots should take regardless of how much you think you know your aircraft. More information about Airline2Sim can be found via the source link below.

Release is expected early 2015.