"Yes, LM is working on 64bit...."

FSX/P3D. And whereas I personally would prefer this confirmation from one of the team developers directly, I suppose this is enough to speak on. As we all know, the Lockheed Martin has been far more than welcoming to our little flight simulation community and not only have they been working very closely with the development community, they have been getting behind them and promoting them as well. I highly doubt so many developers would be getting behind P3D if there was no real future in it and clearly, more and more simmers are giving it a chance. I think 2015 is going to be a very big year in the growth of P3D as more and more FSX patrons began to make their way over especially given the fact that PMDG's first line of products are soon due to arrive. Now the 900 pound gorilla in the room as it pertains to P3D is whether LM is working on a x64 version and whereas all roads point to yes, there has never been any open admission or acknowledgement about this on behalf on Lockheed Martin... well till now. There are many x64 threads on the P3D forum and in a response from P3D moderator "Saul" in the latest topic taking place there: "Yes, LM is working on 64bit. No information is available for a release scheduled." Shall we count this as confirmation? Read more via the source link below.