Update From Contrail Simulations.

FSX/P3D. They have indeed been very quied and I have been chatting with the lead developer behind closed doors. Yes, they have been very busy. But finally an open update about what's going on: "Contrail Simulations Update November 11, 2014: Work on Queen Alia International Airport for FSX and Aqaba International Airport for FS9/FSX continues! We know we’ve been very quiet, but that’s because we have some exciting news. The FSX version of OJAI will be top notch. We have literally remade the entire scenery for FSX. We will be incorporating new techniques in both the FSX OJAI and the FS9/FSX OJAQ sceneries to bring them up to par with some of the major developers. We will also be including a performance boost and update to the FS9 OJAI scenery. Now, we know everyone is wondering when the release date will be. We plan on releasing the FSX OJAI and FS9 Updated OJAI around Christmas 2014. OJAQ may be done by that time, but it will be released at the latest shortly thereafter. We appreciate your patience with us as we bring some of our best techniques to light that will make this scenery one of a kind." The team has included a screenshots worth a look. Click the source link below for more.