Could AES Be Coming To P3D??

FSX/P3D. Now I really don't mean to get everyone's hopes up with that rather blatant title but I wouldn't write it if I didn't have reasonable rationale to believe there is something behind it. Today Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft (although a bit cryptic) has left us what appears to be a clue that this might be happening. "MA Prague delayed. We sure know about your patience and we really do appreciate this. As you know, we have certain standards and ideas on the quality and contents of our products to be ready for release. But please don´t get us wrong, Mega Airport Prague has more than exceeded our expectations of how a scenery should look like. We are postponing the release to include and introduce a new feature which will, for the first time, also work in P3D V2. Features that will surely improve the overall impression and realism but which will delay the product to be ready for the market until the 1st quarter of 2015. Here´s a small glimpse of what we are aiming at!" Click the source link below for that "small glimpse". With PMDG on the P3D bandwagon if AES comes along, I think we might start to see quite an exodus from FSX over the coming year or so. Thanks toADX reader Rene for the tipoff.