ADX Exclusive: Digital Design Санкт-Петербург!

FSX/P3D. For those like me who do not read Cyrillic, that's St. Petersburg! What is likely the most historic and architecturally unique city in the whole of Russia, behind Moscow, it's also the country's second largest. Couple this with all the airports we are seeing popup in Russia lately both freeware and payware, St. Petersburg really should not be overlooked. Thanks to legendary developer Евгений Батурин (Evgeny Baturin) so known for his great and many high quality freeware projects over the years including those published by Aerosoft, St. Petersburg is finally on the way and in tremendous quality! The official development team name is Digital Design and soon as the project is out of beta, it will hit the webshops. But between now and then, the team has sent over some very impressive screenshots encompassing a very large coverage area! Enjoy and more screenshots are on the way!