Jo Erlend's Tromsø X Released!


FSX/P3D. Annndddd it's back to Norway.... again... is it just me is Norway really taking over the pages of ADX these days? The product page for Aerosoft Tromsø X is now up and all we need to wait for is the purchase link to go live. But perhaps a more fitting name for this project would be Aerosoft Island of Tromsøya. That's because the entire island has been rendered to stunning depth and detail. As for the airport, the exterior modeling, texturing, and surrounding environment is among the best from this developer thus far. Couple this with highly detailed internal modeling and we have a very high quality destination full of eye candy. No doubt you can expect a live look on release. For now though, we simply wait. Here is a few more shots to hold you over as there may or may not be any more previews coming...

ADX Update: Now Available!