Update From MilViz.

FSX/P3D. With less than 3 months left in the year, developers are pressing hard on projects they plan to get out prior to years end. This time, it's MilViz with an update. According to the team, the King Air is progressing. They working on the systems with full VNAV functionality. The F-4E is also moving ahead with some major developments with another build in the works for those who are part the F-4E Phantom Test Pilot Program. Both products are expected to be released this year. The MU-2, F-100D and The C-130J projects aremoving ahead. More previews expected soon. The Avanti P-180 II is now done modeling and will be painted as soon as Dmi is done on the F-4S VC. The SR-71 is modeled and will be painted after the Avanti. And lastly, the MD530F is in sim with previews to follow in the coming weeks. That's a big plate of addons so I really hope you all are saving up for Christmas! More information via the source link below.