FTX Global 1.30 Released!

FSX/P3D. Another update to FTX Global has just been a released as a full replacement installer. Updates include the issue of not overwriting default textures (only happened with the newer P3Dv2 releases). Adjustment of AGN (removed castles, fix vegetation) (031b, 035b, 039b, 043b, 050b 051a). Adjust color texture 050b, 051a, 070b, 078n, 079b. Adjusted texture, taking into account the FTXG_Vector1.15 (061b, 062b, 063b, 064b, 065b). Adjusted texture AGN vegetation, as well as control files AGN. Adjusted record terrain.cfg taking into account the FTXG_Vector1.15 and Corrections in lclookup.bgl. Important note for those who have openLC installed. Unfortunately the Global installer will put back the files that were in the 'Baltic mini-demo'. This is easily resolved by run ning the openLC EU East installer and this will resolve the texture issues in that region. If you notice the OLC entries moving above any FTX region/Airport entries, please read here about how to use the Insert Scenery Library feature. Until they re-do FTX Central, this is how you can fix the issue of the openLC entries moving to the top. And, as always, follow up your FTX installs with fresh install of the latest Orbxlibs.