A_A Kuala Lumpur Released!

FSX/P3D. Yes this article is late and thanks to the nearly 15 emails and Facebook messages from readers over the weekend bringing this to my attention. Indeed it was a very busy weekend for me and atlas, I am only human. Thus even though it was released nearly 3 days ago, still might as well announce anyway. I'll consider a live look at KLIA should the developer choose to forward a copy. He has not made any efforts to reach out to me despite over 3 years of supporting him and his efforts here on ADX. Indeed this has been one hell of an effort and finally yet another void spot on the FS map has been filed. Asia continues it's growth in our flight simulators. For more information about A_A KLIA and to purchase, click the source link below. And before you ask, KLIA2 and the FS9 version is now in development.