Grandsurf AKA SimMods Is Busy. But Not For Us.

FSX/P3D. As many of you know, I truly hate carrot dangling. This is the process of which a developer presents a great many project previews to the FS continuity over a long expanse of time then just disappears without any communication. In the case with Grandsurf and his S50 Oakridge State, this is exactly what I am talking about. I got eaten alive by ADX readers when I pointed this out back in August of 2013. [SEE HERE] As it turns out, the developer as been busy indeed working on simulated projects but clearly not for flight simulation. Instead, he is developing mods for racing simulators and when I asked about the status of Oakridge... well let's just say, he clearly in my eyes no longer has any interest in completing the project nor is he willing to allow the guys at Orbx complete it either. So once again, it's us, the fans within the community that looses. For everything the developer has been up to, you will find his active Facebook page via the source link below along with my queries to him. I have been known to say the best thing about running ADX is when projects finally get completed. I guess the worst thing is when they never get completed at all.