Introducing Orbx Palm Springs!

FSX/P3D. I really gotta admit! It was super fun sitting back and watching you all eat yourselves up over the last few hours in the below post trying to figure out what exactly the hell I was up to. Jarrad, Misha, and I had a great chuckle! I now present to you the largest and by far the most detailed project ever created by leading acclaimed Orbx developer Jarrad Marshall! He is calling the project "Palm Springs" but that is only because Palm Springs is the centerpiece of this massive project. In actuality, the scenery coverage area covers several high desert cities including several Indian Reservations spanning a 70 kilometer expanse of the Californian high desert. In fact, there is so much included here, it's simply not practical to list it all here and besides, Jarrad has done that already himself. But some quick bullet points, the Palm Springs airport one of 3 in the scenery including several helipads, landmarks, casino's and more. As one developer told me this morning, this project if on a book cover exactly says: "How to Destroy A Fellow Developer's Confidence. By Jarrad Marshall." Funny indeed but no joke. As you can imagine, I am super-duper excited to see my part of the world coming together so extremely well. And yes, this is a stand alone product for FTX Global and will be fully compatible with FTX-SCA once that is released. Many more shots and information via the source link below. Hope this was worth you lot driving yourselves crazy over because I am going to do it again on another project soon!