2015 Is Going To Be a Great Year For FS!

As we have closed out October and with 2 months left in the year, I thought I would talk just a bit of what we can expect from 2015. As the ADX Billboard will tell you, 2014 is tremendous year for flight simulation. The Same for 2013 for that matter and at the current pace, the FS hobby is showing no signs of slowing. What's even better is the fact that 2014 still has some prizes up it's sleeve and when Christmas crunch time hits, you had better be ready. (Have a side fund. You will need it. Trust me) I'm serious, more megs airports are coming in 2014 along with some regional's many of you have been begging for years to get. I just can't wait to make these announcements. Finally I was able to get Palm Springs off my chest, and another Southern California biggie is coming. But beyond what we will be getting before years end, I wanted to give you a little preview of what 2015 already has in store. Now there are a number of projects I simply can not talk about. But based on what I know, plan to get that extra line of credit for next year. I will be updating the ADX Billboard today so be sure to check the 2015 product listing. I'll update this post later today once the Billboard update is complete. More news and exclusives on the way today as well. Stand by.