Strikes Again...

Just got this email from a reader. Again, buyers, be warned!

"I'm very new to the sim world and was looking at utube vids on lessons i came across fsx genius, being very green to all the sim world I contacted him asking advice about what I should be looking for when buying a computer as I only had a laptop. He offered to setup my laptop remotely so I took him up on this service and all was good that was 3months ago.

Then I received a message from him saying he had a sale on and he builds computers, naturally I was interested after talking to him he said it would be £1000 for a system with all different specs which I have on a purchase agreement and also a paid invoice, tomorrow is supposed to be the date I receive this, how ever I've not been giving any tracking info or nothing.

I've since found all this info about this man on line and came across froogle buyer beware vid which has got me worried about this , I've seen on froogle page others have been in the same situation, if this is a no show tomorrow and I get BS excuses. As now I feel such an idiot that I may now have been taken for a ride.

It's now been 3weeks and no PC or money back 27/10/14 just lie after lie false bank statements saying money transferred then no money arrives , then he's going to pay the cash in my bank himself seams this con man is still at it I'm now I contact with the police and there is 18 people in the same boat as me up to the tune of 20k , 
This man is currently on bail and yet he's still ripping people off, gutted as I was looking forward to start my new hobby on a more powerful machine only to find out I have been scammed."

ADX Update. Based on some cencored comments and IP tracking, someone from the UK is displeased with this post. Therefore, as a reminder, DO NOT SEND THIS GUY YOUR MONEY!! Know who he is and continue to spread the word. I wonder if a petition is needed to take down the youtube page so others do not get sucked into this vortex of nonsense.

[Sign the petition to remove his page here!]