The Panel Of A Saratoga Looks Like... Wait!

FSX/P3D. Wait, wait, wait here just a minute. Hold up! Is that the Flight1 GTN750 embedded into the Alabeo Saratoga TC's virtual cockpit panel?? Say what?? Now we are cooking here! Now I am not sure if you must own your own GTN750 and the Saratoga comes with a file or if you get both for a fee that only uses it with this aircraft... Oh nevermind. It clearly says with integration option. Looks like im going shopping for the F1 GTN now! So you know what this means? Alabeo and Carenado are going to have to go back and add the option to many of their previous aircraft! Let's also not forget, RealAir is also going to be delivering the GTN option in future products. This is awesome! For more, click the source link below. I really hope more aircraft developers get on board with the option!