Carenado's Navgraph Stocked Hawker Update!

FSX/P3D. Indeed this project is taking much longer than many of us would have liked. But it's clear why. Carenado for the first time, is attempting to develop systems and in order for your aircraft to recognize where to go with those systems, you need Navgraph. There is nothing worse than plugging in a flight plan only for the FMS to not understand your waypoints and sids/stars especially for new airports that did not exist when FSX was developed. The latest previews show the Proline 21 in action with the results displayed on the PFD. No doubt these advanced options on a Carenado product is going to make a lot of people happy. As for release, it's still hard to tell. The aircraft itself is done, we just wait on her systems to catch up. For more information and preview shots, click the source link below. So far it's fine! Fine just fine!