Are You Ready to FlyCopenhagen?

FSX/P3D. Because FlyTampa Copenhagen is getting ready for you! The guys Yannis and Emil have very kindly sent over a couple ADX Exclusives as well as an amazing pullback shot of the airport via the FlyTampa forum. Just wait till you see how big the coverage area is!! All custom. This is one incredible effort and the previews we have seen thus far has been nothing short of amazing. Copenhagen is one of the most important airports in the whole of Europe and it's about time that it's been represented in the level of quality it truly deserves. Let's also not forget, these boys are also in the process of cracking down on Amsterdam, my second favorite European airport. I could yap on and on and on but you really gotta check out these shots. Two links here with previews for you: 1 at FlyTampa & 2 on the ADX Exclusives page. Enjoy and happy Sunday! Damn that looks GOOD!