The 29Palms Webshop Is Open! Devs, Take Note!

FSX/P3D. Developer 29Palms known for some amazing products has just opened their webshop. The interesting thing is, it's not primarily aimed at the scenery products they have developed although, you can surely find them there. The webshop currently primarily holds products mostly for developers such as animated and static object libraries and customizable Scenery Configuration tool which makes it possible for developers to control scenery files by switching them on and off. All that needs to be done is editing an XML which holds all the information that makes season switching, various levels of detail etc. possible. There are currently two versions of the tool - LITE and PRO. LITE is freeware for non-commercial use only (for projects / sceneries which are meant to be freeware) while the PRO version has some additional features and can be implemented in a commercial project (e.g. sceneries being sold by simmarket, Aerosoft etc.). On a seperate note, of Twentynine Palms Airport here is Southern California has started development and if you are thinking it's too remote and you won't need it, just wait a bit. California is blowing up big. For more information, check out their new shop via the source link below. More to come!