Orbx Yosemite Freeware Released!

FSX/P3D. Now I just might get shot for saying this but it's my strong opinion that the US has the very best national parks in the entire world. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, Acadia to Arches, Badlands to Big Bend, Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef, Joshua Tree to Denali, Glacier Bay to the Great Smokey Mountains, Zion to Sequoia ... This list could truly go on, and on, and on... But the very best in my mind is and always will be Yosemite. There is a reason why over 4 million visitors make their way to the park every year and why you need a year's advance reservation to stay in the park overnight. The good news, if you cant be bothered with all that, the good guys at Orbx has just delivered an alternative completely free of charge and no reservation is needed. The Yosemite freeware is now available! Be sure to pop over and get your copy now via the source link below.