Carenado S550 Interior Shots!

FSX/P3D. When Carenado first started off with their early Cessna's, the thought never occured that one day the team might start delivering multiengine jet time. The team continues to return to their roots in the form of Alabeo and that C207 is fantastic fun especially for Alaskan and PNW bush flying. But if a higher elevation and faster speed is your thing worry not. From some of the world's slowest to the world's fastest passenger aircraft Cessna has you covered! The Carenado team has shown off the interior shots of the S550 and wheras it looks good, much like the Pilatus, I doubt we will get the cargo and medical transport variants. For the latest set of shots, click the source link below. Thanks to Yun and several other ADX readers for the tipoff during the live stream yesterday.