Whoa! Look At Those Textures!

FSX/P3D. No doubt this is a level of quality only Russ White can deliver. Originally slated for release earlier this year, Russ had elected not to rush his MBS Airport (located in Saginaw, Michigan) electing to take his time in an effort to deliver his best project ever. So far, the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Now much like the internal terminal modeling seen in earlier previews, another feature you can expect is full hangar interior modeling as shown in the latest shots posted today. Much of the development WDS Simulations has been undergoing this year deals with the massive HDX object libraries which absolutely have to be created stealing time from the airport itself. After MBS, future products will come quicker encompassing large scale airports, regional airports like MBS here, and the fun little GA VFR airfields. MBS is scheduled for release before Santa arrives but expect a busy calendar from WDS in 2016. For now, check out the latest shots via the source link below.