PMDG Gearing Up For P3D! Finally!

P3D. Yep, this is not a joke. Thanks to ADX reader Kevin Thompson for the tipoff, it looks like PMDG is getting ready to finally start delivering products for Prepar3D and the first to get the treatment will be their 777 line! Looking at the price up there, I am sure you will not have to pay 350 million, but that said, be prepared to pay a pretty penny more than the FSX version. Many FSX users have quite staunchly stated they are prepared to go Prepar3D once PMDG does. So i'd say the day many of us have been waiting for is getting damn close. There is not much to share at this point other than the purchase page is up. Now there is a buy button, I went on ahead and checked my bank statement to see if I had enough and I just barely came up short of the 350 mil. But I figured if Paypal is slow to charge my bank, I might be able to get away with it and by the time they realized i'm poor, i'd be halfway around the world in the thing. Sadly, even though it really directs you to Paypal, it's not available after you log in. Anyhoo, this is great news for all P3D fans and for FSX fans that have been waiting to jump onto the P3D platform. So who thinks it will be ready before Christmas? Stay tuned for more news!