Orbx Yosemite In Winter!

FSX/P3D. It's interesting actually. I must have been to Yosemite National Park nearly 2 dozen times over my lifetime and never have seen the park bathed in winter. As a huge fan of Ansel Adams, I have always dreamed about what the place must look like all covered in snow yet, it's always the Summer months that have brought me to the park. Looks like I am going to have to make plans to change that. Iain has uploaded some really impressive shots of the upcoming freeware and you should not miss them. While i'm on Orbx, other current news from the developers the release of the Global Freeware Airports Pack 19, triple installer of Bowerman & Cushman Meadows. For the UK, triple installers for EGHR, EGKA, EGHP, EGTH & EGHA are now also available. News has been dragging the last few days and rather annoy you with pointless posts, I have elected to let you explore all the other functions of the site to keep you busy. More live streams coming up soon. Happy Friday!