Need An AI Traffic Optimizer That Works?

Posted by dukeav on Avsim:

AI traffic can be a FPS killer at even moderate settings. Many of us like to decent amount of traffic around, but this finally becomes a tussle between volume and FPS.
To help this situation I have written a program which automatically tries to manage the traffic. The logic is pretty simple, you give the program a target number of AI aircraft, by default 100. Every 60 seconds the program will check how many AI Aircraft are there and then it will delete AI Aircraft above this number. Aircraft farthest from your aircraft are deleted first, so traffic around you should remain largely unchanged. 
You can change the target number to your choice based upon your hardware.
Traffic Settings within FSX:
You should set the the traffic density in P3D to something which gives you decent traffic around you. For example I use MyTraffic, so I set the density to 35%, which I think reflects RW traffic. In my situation my FPS goes from ~12 to ~18 with this program in KJFK.
How to use:
Unzip the contents


Start FSX, let it come up fully
Start AirTrafficManager.exe
Enter the Departure and Dsetination ICAO codes (optional)
"Check" the "Auto Optimize" check-box
The first clean-up will happen 15 seconds after you check the check-box, and after 10-15 seconds of that you will notice your FPS increase.
I have not programmed in VB.Net for ages, so if you are going to try this out then you are a beta-tester :)
1. This program runs separately from FSX so hopefully will not crash it.
2. If you get a message in the console saying unable to connect to FSX, please re-start AirTrafficManager.
3. Although the check for AI Aircraft is done every 60 seconds, the clean-up happens 15 seconds after the 60 seconds
4. The original program was for P3D, you can find the discussion thread here - http://forum.avsim.n...imizer-for-p3d/
5. FSX version is not tested much as I mainly use P3D, and I created this version on request from FSX users
1. FSX SP2 / Acceleration
1. Uses the FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET by Paul Henty
2. Pete Dowson for pointing out the critical bug for SP2, Sesquashtoo / Ray Proudfoot and many other for testing and feedback in the P3D thread