Maarten Boelens SimLauncher X Released!

[FS Ulilities] I must take a moment here and say how impressed I am with Maarten Boelens and his major contributions to the FS community. When I was in the beginnings of jumping from FS9 to the first version of P3D, it was Maarten who really made this possible for me through the use his SimLauncher tool. As many of us know, whereas P3D v1 through v1.4 addressed and fixed numerous issues from FSX, it came with a completely new interface with completely new bugs and issues of it's own. Not only did Maarten's SimLauncher assist in wiping out many of those bugs, it also came with an interface of it's own that P3D was completely lacking. Additionally, it saved me on VAS usage in a huge way as P3D would automatically launch directly into the scenario at an airport I didn't want to be at and in an aircraft I did not want to be in. SimLauncher took care of everything made everything work as it should. But with the advent P3Dv2, I assumed he was done. But as it seems, he was only getting started and this week, he has released SimLauncherX with heaps of more features and a brand new kickass interface. You gotta check it out. It's now available completely free on Avsim or via the source link below. Thanks to several ADX readers for the tipoff!