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FSX. When it comes to selling products online whether it be for flight simulation or not, it's very important to be a thorough as possible when it comes to not only describing the product but especially when it comes to displaying it. After all, the only thing the consumer has to deduce on a quality determination, are the screenshots. In many cases, trailer videos are helpful and fun, but it's the screenshots that must be spot on as this is the primary selling point and always has been. Now regardless the method of showing off a project, it's extremely important for all developers to display high resolution, close up, noon to mid day, completely non edited, screenshots along with evening and seasonal variations.

Let's face it, many of you including myself have wasted an incredible amount of hard earned $$ over the years on FS products that came up short or failed to meet expectation. And in the case of Simmarket, buyer beware. You will NOT get a refund if you are unhappy with the results. This is clear in their terms & conditions. There are many products on Simmarket still for sale from developers long gone which means in many cases, you may not even get support. I appreciate the consumer reviews on the Simmarket project pages which are very helpful, but not all products have this.

Now in a effort to assist many of you, I have taken to doing the hard work of compiling reviews, FirstLook's, and live streams to help you get as close and in depth as humanly possible to the product to better assist and inform you on as much as possible and I don't think anyone else has worked harder than me as a single individual to make this happen. I want you to be happy with the products you buy and feel confident when you buy them. 

That said, it seems, EVASim was offended my my remarks in regards to the fact that their sales page preview screenshots of their Riga project were mostly taken in dark lighting with no close up angles of the terminal. I have noticed a few small time developers doing this kind of stuff lately and it really comes off to me as an attempt to fraud the customer. Now no other FS website supports these small time developers more than me. We need them and they fill a very important market segment in the community. And as they grow, they are getting better with impressive results. But as always, you can count on me to call a spade a spade whether it's a big developer (I has not fully pleased with FSDT KIAH) or a small developer. Nerveless, the Riga project was pulled from Simmarket without explanation. In lieu, the developer has expressed his dislike of my comments in announcing his product, you can find his statement via the source link below. Whatever the reason it was pulled, I have no doubt a tremendous amount of time and effort went into the project and I am confident whatever the issue with the product, he will look to solve it. At least I hope so.