ADX FirstLook: MCA NA Airstrips!

FSX/P3D. In order to become an Orbx product developer, you have to be good at what you do. Not just good, but damn good. That said, these damn good developers all need to start off somewhere right? In the case with Misha Cajic, he started out making little airstrips in Australia for OZX. And when he was ready to step things up a notch, he developed his own very first product: MCA Designs North American Airstrips. This product absolutely blew us away here at ADX and it led to him joining the crew at Orbx. Since then, he presented Vernonia, Sekiu, and Lake Tahoe with plenty more to come. And whereas his talented has soared, you still should not miss this great product. The price has just been permanently reduced to only $9.99 for a package of 3 amazing airstrips! That's a total steal! Here is our own review of the product. When you have finished, go buy it! You are going to love it! 

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