A1R L-13 Blanik Released!

FSX. Darn! I totally forgot about these guys! These are the cats who delivered that amazing YAK-50 back in March earlier this year under the JustFlight title. I am very pleased to see the team has been keeping themselves busy over the past several months building the L-13 Blanik 2 seat trainer glider. I know many of us are waiting on that Aerosoft ASK-21 which I believe... I hope... will reach release before the end of 2014. But till then, The lovely Blanik here should hold you over. The quality looks terrific too. It just sucks we don't get the tow plane in P3D. For more information, click the source link below. Thanks to ADX readers Zachary Kerr & Sean Karges for the tipoff. Great looking work A1R!