PMDG SP1c Released!

FSX/P3D. Quicker fixes is a very nice turn around for the PMDG 777 development team. According to the release statement: "This update addresses some items that surfaced with the original SP1 update, and addresses some other various cleanup items that we wanted to tend to in the near term with the 777. This update brings some further refinements to the Autopilot Flight Director System, the Flight Management System, the Flight Control System, some changes to various other items that we felt might benefit from a bit of polish. It also brings further optimizations to the way in which the 777 uses information from the simulator in order to make it a bit more "bullet proof" against interference from outside applications. One of the key pieces (in fact- the primary force behind this update) was the fix to the "airplane wanders aimlessly during time accelerated flight" problem that we introduced with the release of SP1. This item took a monumental effort to resolve- and involved feedback from probably close to 100 of our customers via this forum and via technical support. I want to make it a specific point to thank all of you for your feedback and for your patience while we searched for something that really and truly defied logic. Many of you allowed us to install instrumented files onto your sim rigs so that we could collect data- and it was this cooperation that helped us find and kill this problem." For product owners, I am sure you know how to navigate to your update. Thanks to DMAC for the tipoff.