iFly Is Back! But... Were They Ever Gone?

FSX/P3D. You remember iFly right? The team who developed the terrific 737 series for FS9 and FSX all those years ago? They have every bit of skill and promise the teams on the Aerosoft AXE QualityWings and PMDG teams do but they seemingly went dormant. And that is real bad news as getting Boeing licenses for simulation purposes post the MH370 incident. So to see just today the team has been all along working and waiting to update us is terrific news indeed. So what have they been working on all all this time when we thought they were long gone? Well... It's the Queen of the Skies! The Boeing 747-400! Now obviously, PMDG has the 400 and 8i covered so why might you ask would we need another... well... have a look at the first set of previews published today and perhaps you won't need to find justification. Okay, it's been a busy day for me hint the late news today but nonetheless, thanks to ADX readers: Zachary Kerr, Jens Cassel, Chris Ferguson, and Gerben Lei for the tipoff! 

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