WingCreation Nagasaki Update.

FSX/P3D. The Japanese team WingCreation has released another set of previews displaying their rendition of Nagasaki with more that 20 photos including comparisons of their real world location photo shoots. Let's not forget, there are two versions of Nagasaki in development giving users a choice of which will suit their needs best. It looks like release is very close but I think the PacSim variant is even much closer to release. I look forward to comparing the two but if in the end it comes down to price, no doubt, the WingCreation version will be much more expensive and let's face it, we are not rich. According to the team, the pricing strategy of WingCreation is based on the Yen and Japanese customer base giving their products a much higher than usual price point structure over products of equal or larger scale released in the US, Europe, and elsewhere. I'll say this, high priced or not, their products are selling quite well so obviously, they are doing something right. For more info, click the source link below.