Akesoft Granada: Because We Need More Spain.

FSX/P3D. I remember when SimWings was the leading development company covering airports for Sweden, France, and Spain. Madrid, Barcelona, and the Balearic Islands were their last releases in the country all having been released well over 4 years ago. We saw TropicalSim step up a few years back with a very good rendition of Bilbao and Eiresim with an okayesque Alicante. SimWings made a roadmap announcement on Aerosoft several years ago promising more Spanish airports but they never came. As a result, Spain has been more or less left behind in modern developments. Thanks to the independent developer Akesoft, Spain has seen many releases with more planned. Not sure? Just check out the ADX Global Airports Map. Currently in development is Granada and the work is looking very good. Have a look!