A New Destination For The PNG!

FSX/P3D. Tasmanian based Orbx developer Ken Hall has woken us up to a bit of a surprise this morning (afternoon for the Euro lot) with a preview of an upcoming addition to the highly popular Orbx PNG product. The lads Ken & Tim are currently beta testing a new adventure 20 miles out from the Kokoda Track to Emo Mission. The addon will be a freeware upgrade to all current owners of PNG. I just can get enough of my hit & misses up on Kokoda and excited to see yet another destination to make me hold on for dear life. For more information and screenshots click the source link below.

On a separate note, a few weeks ago whilst working on the ADX Global Airports Map, I stumbled on another PNG bush flying project. It's an older product by PacSim but it looks quite good and plan on getting it soon. So in you are looking for yet even more PNG bush adventures you can check that out [HERE]