ADX Exclusive: ImagineSim Pudong!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Boy were you all worked up on this one! I really enjoyed sitting back and watching you all guess the airport. Guess the developer. Many of you correctly guessed the airport but only few of you guessed the developer despite being aware of which developer is developing this destination. This is very understandable. Understandable because ImagineSim has improved the depth, texture, and quality of their work so well, it seemingly takes on the appearance of a FlyTampa product. And many of you incorrectly guessed the work was manufactured by FT. Over the past year, we have seen many third tier developers drastically improve upon their skill. LatinVFR with their SAN and MIA, Taxi2Gate with several sceneries including MMX and MCO, TropicalSim with their Azores sceneries... Just to name a few. ImagineSim had been improving bit by bit with each release. But with Pudong, the work is so good... We'll let's just say this: "Welcome to the top tier ImagineSim!" Check out our exclusives shots! (click image above or here)