Welcome to the ADX Exclusives page! Here you will find all current and archived exclusives submitted to AirDailyX over the years from many development companies. AirDailyX gets more pre-release product development exclusives than any other flight simulation website in the business which also makes us a haven for new and legacy developers to show off their work. Exclusives are a staple ADX. Feel free to browse and stay tuned! More exclusives are on the way! Bandwidth Warning! 

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FlightBeam Denver P3

Taxi2Gate Pointe-à-Pitre

ImagineSim Pudong P4

FlightBeam Denver P2

ImagineSim Pudong P3

FlightBeam Denver P1

JetStream Designs Little Rock

Taxi2Gate İstanbul Atatürk P3

CRJ-200X Team

Aerosoft Brussels P1

Taxi2Gate İstanbul Atatürk P2

UK2000 Heathrow v3 P2

Taxi2Gate İstanbul Atatürk P1

UK2000 Heathrow v3 P1

ImagineSim Pudong P2

 MilViz KingAir 350i

ImagineSim Pudong P1

Aerosoft / Jo Erlend Oslo v2

RealAir Duke V2.0

Taxi2Gate Orlando P2

Wilco TBM850 P2

Taxi2Gate TVSV P2

MilViz Bell407

Taxi2Gate Orlando P1