Archive: May 22, 2013

[Editorial] Now, who hasn't been halfway through a satisfying virtual flight, looked out the side window, noticed improperly simulated wing flex…and said, damn, my flight is ruined? My guess is that this has happened approximately “never” times. So, why is everyone so worked up about wing flex? For those of you that haven't noticed, wing flex is becoming a very hot topic these days, at least here at ADX.

So why spend the time to rant about something as silly as wing flex? No idea, but I’m going to do it anyways.

Yes, I fully understand the importance of well detailed exterior models, within reason of course. I too spend the odd moment appreciating FSX aircraft from external viewpoints. But guess what - most of my time is spent in the cockpit attempting to actually simulate flying. For me at least, enjoyment from FSX is derived from flying fun aircraft into detailed airports, sometimes with sinister weather. I have never become over excited after realizing the amazing accuracy of my aircraft's wing flex detail.

What’s next, a fully simulated lavatory simulation? In all honesty, I would much prefer developers spend their valuable time dealing with more critical issues such as optimizing performance, improving cockpit visuals, and of course, improving aircraft system and flight dynamics. 

Sometimes, I think we focus too much on the little things and forget about the big picture. Flight simulation is about simulating flight, not about staring at aircraft. If I truly want to spend my days admiring wing flex I can always go to my local airport and watch the heavies take off. However, the odds that I ever do this are nil.

Even outside of wing flex, I think people sometimes overvalue external aircraft quality. As long as the external visuals look good for a quick glance that’s all that really matters to me. More focus internally, less externally I say.

So yes this was short, fragmented, and random, but someone had to address this wing flex craze. However, in saying all this, I will be the first to admit that the wing flex controversy is quite funny.

-Mark Hrycenko