So...FSX Owns Me...

Archive: April 12th, 2013

[Editorial] Yes, I said it, FSX owns me... Now this obviously isn’t a literal statement, but more of a commentary as to how FSX limitations have defined my flying habits instead of my own personal preferences. So what does this mean you ask, well, let me dig a little bit deeper. Once upon a time I had aspirations of flying “tubeliners” into complex sceneries with questionable weather and heavy traffic; in fact, I purchased two grossly overpriced computers with this in mind. 

Let’s take a look at my downfall to my present virtual flying habits.

Fail #1: Several years ago I bought a near top of the line gaming computer to be completely dedicated to FSX. My intention was to fly advanced “tubeliners” throughout Orbx Australia simulating airline type operations. Sounds good doesn’t it? Once I received my new computer and got FSX installed, I loaded up my preferred advanced “tubeliner” and was ready to test... I honestly believed it would be the buttery smooth experience I had been waiting for…but nope, crappy FPS and stutters.
Disappointed, I adjusted my plan; maybe fly default aircraft between complex airports. This worked to a certain level but got tiring quickly. Eventually, I found myself back to FS2004 where I experienced incredible performance.

Fail #2: Roughly 6 months ago I again purchased another near top of the line gaming computer. This time overclocked to 4.7Ghz with all the bells and whistles. My intention again was to fly advanced “tubeliners” throughout various detailed sceneries with heavy weather and traffic. I thought surely at 4.7Ghz this would be plausible. Well, loaded everything up and again…fail. This attempt was better than three years prior but still not good enough - far form a buttery smooth immersive experience. Lots of low FPS scenarios with stutters at the most inopportune times.

So disappointed again, I adjusted my plan. Maybe advanced general aviation aircraft between complex airports I thought... So, I grabbed a well known King Air and bam, same thing - challenging FPS with more inopportune stutters. The combination of advanced aircraft, detailed scenery, immersive weather, and dense traffic was just not possible. Now I know many proclaim amazing performance with all these add-ons but to be frank, I just don’t believe it. Regardless of what anybody says, I am certain they are experiencing some level of performance challenges. The difference is some accept stutters and pauses, some like me, do not. 

Disappointed again, I adjusted my plan.

So now we arrive at where I am now. Flying simple general aviation aircraft in detailed scenery with high(ish) weather and traffic settings. My performance is acceptable without stutters or FPS drops in most scenarios. In all honestly, I enjoy this type of flying very much…but I never planned to fly like this. In fact, I never wanted to fly like this. My current flying habits are a product of FSX limitations instead of my own personal preferences.

Now I absolutely love my Alabeo aircraft and my current detailed sceneries, truly immersive and fun stuff. The kicker is, I was almost forced into this type of flying… So now you see why I say, FSX owns me, not the other way around.

-Mark Hrycenko