Post Hijacking

Archive: May 26, 2013

Well here we are again, another RANT, well after the last rant posted (wing flex), which was very enjoyable, I thought long and hard to see what hornets nest needed to be poked, and after reading what is going on here I decided to bring up HIJACKING, Not the awful 9/11 stuff, all have suffered enough. No the post HIJACK. A post starts off with good intentions about a specific product or tweak or whatever. After that, we get people starting a reply with either the most negative FEELINGS or talking about another product which does the same or similar thing. I see some posters saying that AirdailyX only plugs certain products yet all they (AirdailyX) are doing is giving you the info. After the first post begins to sidestep, It’s like dominos. The posts get filled with your issues (yes like everyone's computer and hardware setup are the same) and your personal choices and take away the COMPLETE point of the post in the first place.

To inform us of a product or idea so we can take the next step ourselves if we want. The free flow of information is here, and yet we all can make our own decisions. Yes there are duplicate sceneries, aircraft, tips and tools, and so what? Do you want completion to go away? Do you want choices? Guess what, I do not care if you do not like the product. I do not care if if there are more that one product made. I do not care if you are waiting for a better product , keep it to yourself. The sole purpose of the BLOG was to give simmers up to date information. I seen it before in a few big simming Aviation forums riddled with poor information and completely rude posts.

Now that I think of it, those same forums are starting to neuter posts due this useless nonsense. I Got a good feeling that all the inyour face attitude goes away in public and not signing your name to a post is like giving someone a cheque without signing it, which amounts to..... SQUAT. Who gives me the right to post here? AirdailyX does, because I am sure of two things , the well unbiased free flow of product information about simming and that I think everyone has a right to enjoy simming without taking away someone else's right. If you think your negative posts or Changing the post to highlight your opinion is helping, it's not. Sure would be funny if everything you do at work was posted online so it could ridiculed , mocked and everyone tell you that someone else is doing a better job or it's worth waiting to for a better person. Sounds stupid, no more stupid than the constant hijacking or negative posts of a product which brings someone else a paycheque.
Before you start making personal attacks on products and people, get to know the person(s) first, besides there are outlets for your product issues, in the developers forum.
It has been said in WAR, if both sides got to know each other, no one fire the first shot.
Well so much for that. I am still Mark Smith, real name, real person. Happy flight simming.

-Mark Smith